Art: “A Jingle And His Bear” colored pencil, ink, ACEO

I'm offering up this smile for you today...:-) Jingle made a cute bear for the season. Got attached to the bear like a lesion. He tried not to cling, and think thoughts of spring. But his need for this bear would just deepen. ~Skey~ === Related articles (I mean really!?) TV: Newswire: How I Met... Continue Reading →

“Pebbles For Japan” art for earthquake relief

Right now 30% of profits from artwork sales in Makepeace Gallery on Etsy goes directly to Red Cross. I have so many favorite artists it would be impossible for me to pick just one but Amanda's work is in my top picks. Go to her shop and see her view of something as simple looking... Continue Reading →

“It’s A Left Handed Thing”

Don't forget to check out my "It's A Left Handed Thing" page with interesting tidbits and information I have gleaned from around the web. It's a work in progress as I search the internet clouds for interesting facts and fiction on left-handers. Some of my left handed characters... I would definitely appreciate your comments of... Continue Reading →

Sherry’s “TOAD-O-RAMA”

Earlier last year I started several series and I love doing the characters in costumes such as my "Mouse Eared Girls," and "Tree Toad Babies." I just can't get enough of them! I previously posted my new "Sweet Fairies" series which is based on candy and ice cream colors. Some of my fairies fit into... Continue Reading →

“Dark Art” Nibblefest Art Contest for July

Woo Hoo! It's that time of the month again! Here are my July "Nibblefest" Art Contest entries for sale on Ebay. This months theme is "Dark Art." If you know know by now, my "dark" thoughts are interlaced with the humorous, and the surreal. COLLAGE-titled "VICTORIAN GECKO" ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") original art card.... Continue Reading →

“Ripping Off” other artist’s work and loving it!

My little "Toad Baby Snaps" was a "rip" of one of Amanda Makepeace's works of art. Her "toad" painting is a little watercolor called "A Little Help Please," where it looks like her little toad is just barely hanging onto a branch by a thread. My version is the same "pose," with a different  humorous... Continue Reading →

Amanda Makepeace “Rips Off” my artwork…

In Sherry's world mermaids may not be beautiful by human standards but they are beautiful by theirs. They are beautiful in a strange and ethereal way. Water is sucked in their gills for useful oxygen and nutrition then the waste products are blown out various air holes distributed throughout their body. I'm not sure how... Continue Reading →

Artist Torrie Smiley “Rips Off” My Artwork…

I partnered up with three other artist this month for the 10th annual EBSQ "Ripped Off" show. Previously I posted Torrie Smiley's "Big Bird," her piece that I ripped. Torrie did a rip of one of my photographs called "Nature's Art." Torrie's piece called "Sherry's Rain" is a 16" x 20" acrylic knife painting. Click... Continue Reading →

“Annual Ripped Off Show” at EBSQ

If you haven't seen EBSQ's "Annual Ripped Off" shows, you are really missing a fun, collaborative art event that has been an event for 10 years running, since 2000. Basically it's an opportunity to rip-off a fellow EBSQ artist, who's work you admire (that is WITH their permission!). I will be posting blogs about this... Continue Reading →

Four art shows…last day to vote.

Well today is July 7th and there has been a lot going on in my art world. I have two pieces entered into two of the four shows on my online art community...EBSQ. The first one called "Baboon," was entered into the "Redux" show. "Redux" in this case means a fresh take or interpretation on... Continue Reading →

My Featured Artist “Amanda Makepeace”

My "Featured Artist" for the early part of this July is "Amanda Makepeace." She has some great tree frogs done in pen and ink, and some wonderful stones done in acrylic. I am calling the slideshow "Toads and Stones." Now I know there are toads and there are frogs and that there are frogs that are toads... Continue Reading →

EBSQ Live Studio-Marketing your art through social media…

Amanda Makepeace gives a very useful presentation on "Social Media for Artist" all the ins and outs of marketing your art through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more... Amanda is an EBSQ Artist and has a lot of experience of what works and what does not. ========================================= Click on her photo to... Continue Reading →

June Nibblefest Art on Ebay now…

Well,  here are my three entries for the June Nibblefest contest for sale now on Ebay. The theme this month is "Dog World." The contest runs the 20th thru the 27th of each month and all auctions start at .99 cents. Any time after the 20th you can type in "NFAC"  in your search, under... Continue Reading →

My Featured Artist “Torrie Smiley”

My first June featured artist is Mary Victoria Smiley, but artistically speaking she is well known as "Torrie Smiley" and you may see her artwork signed, as only "Torrie." Torrie has 21 pages in her EBSQ Portfolio so I'm like will I pick a few favorite artworks. So I narrowed it down to "REDS."... Continue Reading →

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