Art: “Mouse In My Pocket” Ink, colored pencil on paper

Another little winter seasonal piece. I have been creating plenty of art but haven't been posting much. I also did a lot of art that has sold that I didn't even get photos of. I did art for most of my Christmas presents pics. I could kick me...(-: Just been more in the creating... Continue Reading →


Art: ” The Grinch That Stole An Elf Suit” November Nibblefest, NFAC

This month's theme is "Two or more creatures mixed together." My name is Lance. Some people call me "Grinch" and I have heard others call me "Grumpy Cat" behind my back. They don't know I'm secretly kinda flattered by that.   Why do I want to be one of Old Nick's elves?¬†They get the best... Continue Reading →

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