Art: Nibblefest Auction “Beauty and the Beast” NFAC October

Before she tamed the beast and fell in love with him, and before he was transformed by her love into a handsome prince. 5" x 7" x .5" staple backed canvas. Painted on sides and can be placed on a small nail on a wall or placed on a stand. Doesn't need framing. Hand painted... Continue Reading →

Art: “Mr. Owl and the Night Shift” Mixed media paper collage

=== "Drudgery" a Limerick... There once was a night owl named Lee. He worked every night until three. He never got breaks, nor craves could he slake, or leave his darn desk for a pee. © Skey === I was looking for a story or a quote to go with my art work and ran... Continue Reading →

Art” “Bride of Frankenstein” art doll, photography

I made an art doll out of clay, took a photo of it, changed the colors and came out with "Bride of Frankenstein." A freaky little addition for my end of October art...(-: The original art doll... === Sherry...(-:

Art: “Cinderella Was A Redheaded Stepchild”

Bet you didn't know this one little known fact from the fairy tale...Cinderella was a redheaded stepchild. This is an original artwork done in graphite and colored pencils on watercolor paper. This is an OSWOA are one size only 4" x 6" portrait or landscape (photo album size) and are very collectible artworks like ACEO... Continue Reading →

Ramsly, they are just using you…

Poor little Ramsly! He thinks he has been given a party hat to celebrate his birthday, but alas, look closely...see the antenna in the background? He's just being used as a signal booster...poor guy. Black pencil and ink on archival watercolor paper. OSWOA come in only one size 4" x 6" portrait or landscape. Copyright... Continue Reading →

Title: “Mask For Sale” Oil Pastels, Mixed Media

Experimental Artist: Non conforming, sticking with no particular style or medium. Allows me to create what I want, when I want, without having to work within the confines of another's notion of art...

Art – “The Lost BJD Doll” Mixed Media Drawing

OSWOA are always 4" x 6" landscape or portrait. Photo album size. This is another in a series of artwork focusing on ball jointed dolls(BJD). Edgy, grungy, manga inspired work of art. Acrylic and mixed media on watercolor paper. Style: Pop Surrealism Sprayed with a light finish to prevent smudging. Copyright Texas Artist Artisan Sherry... Continue Reading →

Manga Mania, “The Final Five” in the “29 Faces in May” Art Project

(6/25/2012 Update- (3) Sold-thank you Peter in New Jersey!) I did it! I met the challenge! 29 completed artworks in 31 days! This is my final "five" faces in the challenge. An online group of artists had a similar challenge in February, and it was so popular they decided to do one in May.  Here's... Continue Reading →

#5 in 29 Faces in May “Needle Nose” colored pencil, ink

#5 of my 29 Faces in May challenge. "Needle Nose" or "Needles" for short. I love any “Plague Doctors” art. They wore beak like mask filled with aromatics while working with plague victims. The herbs and aromatic oils were to try and prevent them fro getting sick from the “putrid air.” Colored pencils, ink. ACEO... Continue Reading →

Art “Owl Spirit Animal Guide” acrylic and paper collage

Owl Spirit, wood sprite, animal guide-Owl animal spirits are believed to be guides of stealth, seeing behind mask , messengers of secrets and omens, keen sight, a link between dark and light, happiness with self and lover of moon. They recognize everyone has a dark side and are happy with their shadow self. Mixed media... Continue Reading →

Art “Steampunk, Myths and Legends” Mixed media paper collage

"Steampunk, Myths and Legends" 3/27/2012 Sold! Thank you Tiffany in Vermont...(-:     This is a 5" x 7" surreal paper collage. Victorian woman's head on a horse skeleton body. The air balloon and ship are my own hand drawn cut outs, all on a paper background. The whole collage is on sturdy Bristol card stock... Continue Reading →

Art-“Miss Gothic Centaur 1750 B.C.” Mixed Media Collage

What do you get when you combine a photo of a silent movie star with an arabian horse? Mixed Media, Collage-centaur made of photographs of a silent movie woman figure, with an Arabian horse body, on an ancient map style, paper background. The whole collage is on Bristol paper (sturdy like card stock). Makes me... Continue Reading →

“Acid Rain” Nod to the Plague Doctors…

I've been fascinated with the Plague Doctors lately and the color shadings of Ombre that is popular in hair color and fashion this year. Plague Doctors-In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, some doctors wore a beak-like mask which was filled with aromatic items. The masks were designed to protect them from putrid air, which in... Continue Reading →

Art Doll Clay Copper Lace Vintage Style Dance OOAK Sculpture

Art Doll Clay Copper Lace Vintage Style Dance OOAK Sculpture Designer Costume Wonderful OOAK art doll. Gives the appearance of freedom, movement and dance. For sale in my Etsy Shoppe (click HERE). Beautiful vintage style lace dress and scarf with hand beading designed and handmade by me. Polymer clay, tea stained lace, custom made costume with... Continue Reading →

Digital Art-Yay! I won an award!!

Yay! I won an award! My Siren Of The Odyssey was awarded "Clouds Mention" in the EBSQ "Odyssey" show. I'm so proud...(-: I'm so excited because this is only my fourth piece of artwork that I have created digitally. The majority of my work is done in colored pencils and ink, I work in many... Continue Reading →

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