Art: Featured artist “Marina Kanavaki” “Happy October”

 Marina Kanivaki "Art Towards A Happy Day" October full moon, calendar, art and more...


Autumn Fabrication Greeting Card | Zazzle

Art: Greeting card designed by Sarah at First Night Design. Who knew a photo of a cushion could make such a lovely design.

First Night Design

This is a very old design which I hadn’t looked it in years and now that I do so with newly-minted eyes, I like it rather more than I did at the time. It is, in fact, a straight scan of an old cushion so it didn’t take much designing!

Source: Autumn Fabrication Greeting Card | Zazzle

Take care and keep laughing!


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“Gracie” #WorldWatercolorMonth 

Art: I’m posting some of the artists art who’s blogs I follow. This is an Original watercolor by Susan Feniak. Cute little pup.

Susan Feniak's Art

July 14th Gracie is waiting expectantly. Good dog! Original art by Susan Feniak. Koi Watercolors on Opus Finest paper. I will apologize for not getting back to you promptly as there is no WiFi on the boat.😊

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Art: My “Bluebird and Flowers” painting highlights EBSQ gallery

4/27/2017 I'm excited. On the front page my "Bluebird and Flowers" painting chosen to highlight the "Botanicals & Florals" Gallery for the week. Thank you for the honor EBSQ!! ( Sherry Key Portfolio at EBSQ  

Featured Artist: Amy at Pikaland on kissing ass vs. talent and hardwork, etc…

(talent x hard work)a + (luck + timing)b + helpc = successx NOTE: WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE, THE VARIATION OF SUCCESS IS SUBJECTIVE, AND IS WHOLLY DEPENDENT ON THE EFFORT PUT IN (A) & (C) AND FACTORS BEYOND OUR CONTROL (B) IN THE EQUATION. Below is Amy's article "Let's not be too quick to judge"  The... Continue Reading →

Art: Abstract art flower painting lesson

Glad to be back from vacation to blog about artsy things with all my online peeps! I was on vacation from October 3rd till now and was without access to a computer or internet most of the time I was gone. This week while I'm getting my thoughts together and letting my body rest I... Continue Reading →

My Featured Artist “Amanda Makepeace”

My "Featured Artist" for the early part of this July is "Amanda Makepeace." She has some great tree frogs done in pen and ink, and some wonderful stones done in acrylic. I am calling the slideshow "Toads and Stones." Now I know there are toads and there are frogs and that there are frogs that are toads... Continue Reading →

My Featured Artist “Torrie Smiley”

My first June featured artist is Mary Victoria Smiley, but artistically speaking she is well known as "Torrie Smiley" and you may see her artwork signed, as only "Torrie." Torrie has 21 pages in her EBSQ Portfolio so I'm like will I pick a few favorite artworks. So I narrowed it down to "REDS."... Continue Reading →

My Featured Artist-Carolyn Schiffhouer

  (CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE CAROLYN'S PROFILE IN MORE DETAIL) Don't forget while you are there to click on her PORTFOLIO tab to see all her wonderful artwork. She does a lot more than fractals! A Little About: Her interest in new art forms was the source of inspiration that lead her to computer-assisted... Continue Reading →

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