“Alice” Colored pencil on watercolor paper adds texture…

Alice In Wonderland with a castle and a moon. Done in rich, beautiful reds and blues, colored pencils and ink, on watercolor paper. I use a lot of bristol paper, but sometimes I like to switch it out with other textures, like this one on watercolor paper. In my Ebay Store. I have a couple... Continue Reading →

99 cent ACEO sized art prints on Etsy

ACEO art card sized prints (2.5" x 3.5") just .99 cents. Signed S.Key and 2011 on the back. If you missed out on the original, these are prints of some of my most popular artworks. Check them out in my Etsy Shop click HERE.¬†Here's some examples of a few of the prints for sale. The... Continue Reading →

Art Doll Clay Copper Lace Vintage Style Dance OOAK Sculpture

Art Doll Clay Copper Lace Vintage Style Dance OOAK Sculpture Designer Costume Wonderful OOAK art doll. Gives the appearance of freedom, movement and dance. For sale in my Etsy Shoppe (click HERE).¬†Beautiful vintage style lace dress and scarf with hand beading designed and handmade by me. Polymer clay, tea stained lace, custom made costume with... Continue Reading →

Digital Art-Yay! I won an award!!

Yay! I won an award! My Siren Of The Odyssey was awarded "Clouds Mention" in the EBSQ "Odyssey" show. I'm so proud...(-: I'm so excited because this is only my fourth piece of artwork that I have created digitally. The majority of my work is done in colored pencils and ink, I work in many... Continue Reading →

Art-Bride of Frankenstein-Art Doll

Happy Friday the 13th...hear it's the only one we have in 2011. This was an art doll I did a couple of years ago out of polymer clay. The original doll was a Mardi Gras style with purple clothes, beads and with pink flesh tones. As I started playing around with the coloring of the... Continue Reading →

Photo-Hand Colored-NICOLE ON EDGE

Printed in black/white and hand colored. I did this in Lavender and then I did one in pink. I didn't post the lavender, for some reason it doesn't show up well in a photo. I like the angle of this shot and think it made it very interesting to color. I like anything out of... Continue Reading →

Hand Colored Photo-“WE SAW AVATAR IN 3-D”

Lance and girlfriend Lacy went to see AVATAR in 3-d. Looks like they were having a blast. I like how I got the color of the 3-d glasses that kind of sickly, yellowish green that most 3-d glasses come in. Photography-printed in black/white and hand colored/altered by Texas Artist/Artisan Sherry Key.

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