Art: “Specimen Number 27”, NFAC Nibblefest art entry, theme “Things In Jars”

I love me some Nibblefest. Read on to find out more about my "Specimen Number 27." This is where art entered in the auction starts at just .99 cents and runs the 20th through the 27th of each month on Ebay. This month's theme is "Things In Jars" and will end on Wednesday the 27th.... Continue Reading →


ACEO – Lowbrow Art – “No, You’re a Dumb Ass.”

"You quit smoking!" "No, you quit smoking!." "You're a dumb ass!" "No, you're a dumb ass!" I can always lay the blame on others, for my bad habits...(-: This is an Offworlder "Brown Egg Hatcher." Sometimes they put the egg in their mouth so it can be maintained at a certain temperature, or...sometimes they put... Continue Reading →

Art-“Fruit and Mushroom Mountains” NFAC Nibblefest

"Fruit and Mushroom Mountains" on Ebay  (this link will go away when bidding ends) This month's NFAC Nibblefest theme is "Fruits and Veggies" and this artwork is up for a 5 day auction through February 27th on Ebay. I think my fruit choices are obvious but there has been some debate as to whether my... Continue Reading →

Art: “Mouse In My Pocket” Ink, colored pencil on paper

Another little winter seasonal piece. I have been creating plenty of art but haven't been posting much. I also did a lot of art that has sold that I didn't even get photos of. I did art for most of my Christmas presents pics. I could kick me...(-: Just been more in the creating... Continue Reading →

Art: I’m “Art of the Day” on EBSQ…yay!

Woot! I am so honored that one of my artworks was chosen for "Art of the Day" at my favorite online art community "EBSQ." It will only be up for today so I took a screenshot as a memento for myself...(-; EBSQ's theme this week is "Works of Art on Paper." In "Summer Days Drifting... Continue Reading →

Art: “I Wanna Be A Tree” Theme: Winter Holiday

See that snowman in the background? I'm his mom because I built him. I found some great branches for his arms. I love trees. I'm pretendin to be one. I think that snowman is givin me some attitude. He's like "what the heck does she need branches for arms for? She's got real ones." I've... Continue Reading →

Art: Tea Time Ink and colored pencil illustration

Happy Friday all! Here is a happy and bright illustration done in ink and colored pencils. For sale on Ebay for Nibblefest NFAC auction where all art starts at .99 cents the 20th through the 27th of each month. This month's theme was "Tea Time" which I thought was a perfect title for this artwork.... Continue Reading →

Featured Artist: Amy at Pikaland on kissing ass vs. talent and hardwork, etc…

(talent x hard work)a + (luck + timing)b + helpc = successx NOTE: WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE, THE VARIATION OF SUCCESS IS SUBJECTIVE, AND IS WHOLLY DEPENDENT ON THE EFFORT PUT IN (A) & (C) AND FACTORS BEYOND OUR CONTROL (B) IN THE EQUATION. Below is Amy's article "Let's not be too quick to judge"  The... Continue Reading →

Art: “Not An Ode To Summer”

  I would liked to have had a few more months of Spring and the milder temperatures but for some reason I don't have much control over the seasons. Imagine that! I'm not doing an ode to summer. I'd do one to spring but that has already sprung. I know summer has it's purpose but... Continue Reading →

Art: “Disruption of the Space Time Continuum”

This month's Nibblefest theme and thus my blog theme is"Space, Planets, and Stars." I am currently working on a new piece but while I am busy packing and moving to my new house this month I am going to post some of my past favorite artworks that fit in with the theme.   "Disruption of... Continue Reading →

Art: “Lizard Interrupted” ACEO art card

Poor little Lizzy! Her short life was abruptly interrupted in an untimely manner. At least this little gecko got her wings and is on her way to wherever lizards go when they die...(-: ACEO- "Lizard Interrupted"-Collage, pencils and ink on bristol. Original artwork by Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey

Art: ACEO “Scratch My Belly!” Fat Cat

Looooook into my are getting very will scratch my will rub my will love me and only me. Have a great Friday!...Sherry === Ink, pencil, paper. Original art by Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey === Don't forget Nibblefest is coming soon where all art entries start at just .99 cents on Ebay... Continue Reading →

Art: ACEO “Blue Black Bear” Mystery of the lost files…

Well, I am quite saddened. I am in the process of moving this month and probably part of April and somewhere in the process of packing I have lost two cute little works of art. One had already sold and I had to refund the buyers money...sniff. You know how messy things get when you... Continue Reading →

Art: “You’re Invited”

"You're Invited!" Everyone who is anyone will be coming to Fitz and Hugh's celebration. They even posed for this custom party invitation that they sent out.  === I created this little artwork for the February Nibblefest NFAC "Black and White" theme art auction that runs the 20th through the 27th of this month. All art... Continue Reading →

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