2014 Animefest Convention, Dallas, Texas

You will all be glad to know that I didn't take one "selfie" at the convention. I started to say "selfie of myself"  but then who else would I be taking a selfie of. Not that I'm a big selfie taker anyway but I do like saying the word, selfie. I'm going to post some... Continue Reading →

Art: A newbie’s first experience at Dallas A-Kon 25 Anime Convention

I've got plenty of my own art to blog about but with a graduation to attend on Friday and going to my very first but not last A-Kon, I'm going to post about the latter today. Celebrating it's 25th birthday at the Hilton Anatole, Dallas has the longest running A-Kon convention in the nation. Being... Continue Reading →

Featured Art Blog: “The Adventures of Claudia”

Julie Persons porcelain doll Claudia is sassy, classy, irreverent, a world traveler and totally my kind of gal. I was tickled when Julie said I could feature Claudia here. The biggest problem is just picking one to highlight so I had to go with several, or three or more. You can see the ones below... Continue Reading →

Art: “Hunting For Valentines” Photo Manipulation

Just a little nostalgia. Remember the days when few people could afford or have access to drawing and digital art programs? And the few that did we thought were magical? I remember going to sites for computer wallpaper and screen savers and I always downloaded those cool digital ones. They were totally awesome. Well, digital... Continue Reading →

Art” “Bride of Frankenstein” art doll, photography

I made an art doll out of clay, took a photo of it, changed the colors and came out with "Bride of Frankenstein." A freaky little addition for my end of October art...(-: The original art doll... === Sherry...(-:

Art – “Sit back, relax, and watch my Art Muzak.”

Even though it seems like I have been doing nothing on my blog over the last few days I have actually been quite busy. I have several posts saved in draft but I keep finding information to add to them and they just aren't quite ready to come out of the cooker. I have also... Continue Reading →

Recent art awards!! NFAC and EBSQ, Yay!

I have gotten really lazy about keeping my art awards posted. Awards are always treasured and while they are few and far between I have had a few recent ones I want to post. I was posting them on my blog on my "More About Me" page but life got in the way and I... Continue Reading →

Thanks and Happy 2012!

Ahhh...coffee...my drug of choice. Research shows some days it's healthy for me...other days it's not. My first love might be art, and while there is no man in my life at the moment...that probably makes coffee my second. I love my coffee flavored with flavored creamers, in a clear glass, footed cup. I might make... Continue Reading →

On Sundays, I do what my cat tells me to…

Cats...is it the epitome of laziness, or similar to the science of a well oiled, energy efficient machine? Whatever it is...sometimes I want me some of that! Yawn... She's telling me "Get the heck out of HER chair"... Now she's just trying to scare me out... Okay, okay, mark one up for my cat on... Continue Reading →

Art-Bride of Frankenstein-Art Doll

Happy Friday the 13th...hear it's the only one we have in 2011. This was an art doll I did a couple of years ago out of polymer clay. The original doll was a Mardi Gras style with purple clothes, beads and with pink flesh tones. As I started playing around with the coloring of the... Continue Reading →

My Blog Is Experiencing Blogal Warming…

  Well spring hasn't quite sprung yet but it is starting to spring. I'm jump starting "Blogal Warming" on my blog today by doing a little spring cleaning and using the new "Koi" theme. It's all bright, colorful, and artsy like me, and reminds me of good and warm things to come. Let's take a... Continue Reading →

Amanda In Wonderland

Hand Altered Photo of Amanda Makepeace Entry for November EBSQ show "Portrait Swap 2010." Her lips look like a red delicious apple and her eyes are fantastical. Inspired by the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen characters played by Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter in Tim Burton's movie adaptation,  "Alice In Wonderland." Amanda and... Continue Reading →

Artist Torrie Smiley “Rips Off” My Artwork…

I partnered up with three other artist this month for the 10th annual EBSQ "Ripped Off" show. Previously I posted Torrie Smiley's "Big Bird," her piece that I ripped. Torrie did a rip of one of my photographs called "Nature's Art." Torrie's piece called "Sherry's Rain" is a 16" x 20" acrylic knife painting. Click... Continue Reading →

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