Art: “The Pain Chronicles” Artwork #3

Cardboard Chronicles, Pain Chronicles, Toothache Chronicles were a few of the names I mulled around for this series of artworks. I went through aches and pains for three different molars at three different times over the past months. At first they were going to try to save them but after a series of antibiotics, some... Continue Reading →

Art: “The Pain Chronicles” Artwork #2

I was at times prolific. I don't know if I'll get everything posted or not. I'm just posting as I feel like it and as I have the energy. I am not going to stress about a schedule right now. There were moments I felt like I was working in a drug induced haze and... Continue Reading →

Art: “The Pain Chronicles” Artwork #1

  It's the dead of night. I'm standing at my stove where I have gathered some of my favorite colors of paints, pens, pencils, brushes and markers and looking at the interesting design on the inside of the Yogi box. What an interesting pattern. I start picturing a painting that I can incorporate into the... Continue Reading →

Art: “I Wanna Be A Tree” Theme: Winter Holiday

See that snowman in the background? I'm his mom because I built him. I found some great branches for his arms. I love trees. I'm pretendin to be one. I think that snowman is givin me some attitude. He's like "what the heck does she need branches for arms for? She's got real ones." I've... Continue Reading →

Art: “Disruption of the Space Time Continuum”

This month's Nibblefest theme and thus my blog theme is"Space, Planets, and Stars." I am currently working on a new piece but while I am busy packing and moving to my new house this month I am going to post some of my past favorite artworks that fit in with the theme.   "Disruption of... Continue Reading →

Art: ACEO “Blue Black Bear” Mystery of the lost files…

Well, I am quite saddened. I am in the process of moving this month and probably part of April and somewhere in the process of packing I have lost two cute little works of art. One had already sold and I had to refund the buyers money...sniff. You know how messy things get when you... Continue Reading →

Art: Send In The Elephant Clowns”

This month's Nibblefest was "Create something that starts with the third letter of your real first name." Whew, that was a mouthful. Usually it's something simple like dogs, or cats, or clowns. name is Sherry so that third letter would be an "E." It was harder than I thought to come up with a... Continue Reading →

Art: “I Emu” portrait of Henrietta. Graphite and pastels.

My neighbors out in the country have an Emu and her name is Henrietta. When they first got her they named her Henry because they thought she was a he until "he" laid an egg. Interesting facts: Average from 5' to over 6' tall With an average 9' step they can run up to 40... Continue Reading →

Art: “Sometimes Training Is Necessary” Ink, markers on paper.

I live out in the country and my cat is outside about half of the time. My neighbor has a barn and Schitzy thinks she is a barn kitty. I don't have much luck at training her but she has me pretty well trained and she knows it. Here's what I've learned. If she meows... Continue Reading →

Art: ” The Grinch That Stole An Elf Suit” November Nibblefest, NFAC

This month's theme is "Two or more creatures mixed together." My name is Lance. Some people call me "Grinch" and I have heard others call me "Grumpy Cat" behind my back. They don't know I'm secretly kinda flattered by that.   Why do I want to be one of Old Nick's elves?¬†They get the best... Continue Reading →

Art: “The Last To Go” artwork and a poem

=== "Ode to the last flower..." Summer ends, fall begins, and tonight will feel like winter. Leaves will fall, and fade to gray, oh how I wish the leaves could stay. Sweet little flower, first to grow, at least I'm glad you're last to go. === Sherry === 2.5" x 3.5" ACEO artist card, graphite,... Continue Reading →

Art: Nibblefest Auction “The Monster’s Bride” NFAC October

Nibblefest NFAC art auction entry #2 "The Monster's Bride"starting at just .99 cents on Ebay. Ends Monday the 27th: (This auction has ended) Yeah, I think you know whose bride she is. Put together with a few good parts in strategic areas. I don't mean to criticize but I think she could cover up a... Continue Reading →

Art: “The Bunny Rescue” Mixed media collage on canvas

  This was one of those artworks that less seemed to be more. I could have added a house, trees, or something else in the background. The story on this appears to be that somewhere out on the open plains a little bunny needed to be rescued. It makes me think of wide open spaces... Continue Reading →

Art: “Curious Daphne” Altered Art, September NFAC entry starting at .99 cents

This is my September Ebay #Nibblefest art entry. See all details and Daphne's story below. === "Daphne is Curious" Everyone has their curiosities and I am no different. During the day the red coral is peach so I wait until night when it transforms to a shiny, deep red. If I collect the coral while... Continue Reading →

Art: “Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers” September theme is Furry Friends.

Furry Friends is the September theme for *Nibblefest on Ebay and here on my art blog as well. I've been cranking out furry art and will be trying to get them posted between now and the end of the month. Aliens are making a bunny run. Fortunately for them the aliens just want to catch... Continue Reading →

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