Featured Art at EBSQ “Mr. Owl and the Night Shift” by Sherry Key

Ah man, EBSQ my favorite online art community featured my mixed media artwork  "Mr. Owl and the Night Shift" as Art of the Day on the front page and I missed it. I've been a member since 2009 and It's really a rare and honored happening, but their timing always seems impeccable as I am always either... Continue Reading →

Art: “The Bunny Rescue” Mixed media collage on canvas

  This was one of those artworks that less seemed to be more. I could have added a house, trees, or something else in the background. The story on this appears to be that somewhere out on the open plains a little bunny needed to be rescued. It makes me think of wide open spaces... Continue Reading →

Art: “Catch A Falling Star” Acrylic, Paper Collage

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket... For when your troubles start multiplyin' and they just might It's easy to forget them without tryin' With just a pocketful of starlight ~Lyrics by Perry Como~

Art: “White Woods”

"White Woods" Pop Surreal painting by Texas Artist Sherry Key 5" x 7" x 1/2" Acrylic, oil pastels,  painting on gallery wrapped canvas (back stapled on wood frame) === Sherry's art on Ebay === Related articles DIY Abstract Art No. 2 (stylemepretty.com) Gallerist at Home: Mixed Greens (newamericanpaintings.wordpress.com)

“Discovery, Fairy Laundry Day” Redux Painting, Collage

Journal Entry 1/2013: Midnight, hour of magic, fantasy. Made a momentous discovery today of some fairy laundry. No fairy to be seen. May be running around nude. Clothes were made of greenery, berries and other delicate things. Found hanging on a spider web clothesline. I waited up for a few more hours still no fairy.... Continue Reading →

Art-New Miniature Fantasy Landscapes

I've got two new original colored pencil artworks of my popular surreal-fantasy landscapes, up for sale on Ebay. They both have bright green hills and trees, a moon and a castle turret. Both are ACEO art cards, small collectible 2.5" x 3.5" baseball, and game card sized artworks. This first one "Moonlit Castle" with a... Continue Reading →

ACEO “Still Life’s” on this month’s “Nibblefest” art show…

Starting at just .99 cents on Ebay "Cast A Shadow, Pear," and "Widow's Poison." Colored pencils and ink on bristol. Colored pencils on watercolor paper. To see other artwork in my Ebay store click HERE. To see all other "Nibblefest" click HERE.

Art-“How Does God See Me?”Entry in “Enigma” art show

That is an enigma to me. If you believe in God (which I do), I wonder...how does he see me? Does he see through our outer body and see each of us as a unique glowing soul. This is not something I HAVE to have an answer to, I just wonder.  ( scroll to bottom... Continue Reading →

March “Nibblefest” art theme is “Abstract”

3/2011-UPDATE-all three ACEO's sold!  Thanks for your support!!...Sherry =================== My online art community has a monthly themed auction art contest on Ebay each month called "Nibblefest." This month's theme is "Abstract." All entries start at just .99 cents and it's a great way to buy original artwork for a reasonable price. Now I love doing... Continue Reading →

Celebrating March With Digital Fractal Art

I'm celebrating the coming of spring and March with fractals from a few of my favorite artists Christi Schwartzkopf, Amanda Makepeace and Carolyn Schiffhouer. Enjoy the fractals and check out their online stores. Christi Schwartzkopf's "Luck Of The Irish" at Zazzle. "Ionian Blooms" by Amanda Makepeace on Red Bubble. Carolyn Schiffhouer's "Fan Dance" at Etsy.

September “Nibblefest” Art Contest Entries…

ORIGINAL artwork-TOAD BABY SERIES by Texas Artist/Artisan Sherry Key FOR SALE ON EBAY-to see these auctions and other items in my store click HERE!! through the 27th of this month. This is a new one in my popular "Toad Babies" series and my second "Cryin Amanda." This is a collage, mixed media ACEO, 2.5" x... Continue Reading →

Sherry’s “TOAD-O-RAMA”

Earlier last year I started several series and I love doing the characters in costumes such as my "Mouse Eared Girls," and "Tree Toad Babies." I just can't get enough of them! I previously posted my new "Sweet Fairies" series which is based on candy and ice cream colors. Some of my fairies fit into... Continue Reading →

“Dark Art” Nibblefest Art Contest for July

Woo Hoo! It's that time of the month again! Here are my July "Nibblefest" Art Contest entries for sale on Ebay. This months theme is "Dark Art." If you know me...you know by now, my "dark" thoughts are interlaced with the humorous, and the surreal. COLLAGE-titled "VICTORIAN GECKO" ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") original art card.... Continue Reading →

Amanda Makepeace “Rips Off” my artwork…

In Sherry's world mermaids may not be beautiful by human standards but they are beautiful by theirs. They are beautiful in a strange and ethereal way. Water is sucked in their gills for useful oxygen and nutrition then the waste products are blown out various air holes distributed throughout their body. I'm not sure how... Continue Reading →

Artist Torrie Smiley “Rips Off” My Artwork…

I partnered up with three other artist this month for the 10th annual EBSQ "Ripped Off" show. Previously I posted Torrie Smiley's "Big Bird," her piece that I ripped. Torrie did a rip of one of my photographs called "Nature's Art." Torrie's piece called "Sherry's Rain" is a 16" x 20" acrylic knife painting. Click... Continue Reading →

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