Art: ACEO Art Card “Eye See You”

Thought you were alone? Thought you were out in a field by yourself enjoying nature and watching the butterflies flit by? Think again…there is always someone or some “thing” watching. I just don’t… Continue reading

Art: My “Brighten the Corner Where You Are” art, featured at EBSQ

My artwork “Brighten the Corner Where You Are” is shown here highlighting the Colored Pencil Gallery this week at my favorite online art community EBSQ. My Portfolio (Sherry Key) at EBSQ “Brighten the… Continue reading

Art: “Hoppin Good Friends”

  These days no matter where you live or what planet you are from you still have to have your tech fix. Burgundy velvet Elvis jumpsuit (with bunny ears), fancy designer ruby covered… Continue reading

Art: “Curious Daphne” Altered Art, September NFAC entry starting at .99 cents

This is my September Ebay #Nibblefest art entry. See all details and Daphne’s story below. === “Daphne is Curious” Everyone has their curiosities and I am no different. During the day the red… Continue reading

Art: “Make New Friends”

September’s theme for my art blog and this month’s Nibblefest is “Furry Friends.” You might see actual fur on some of my art this month but mostly you just have to assume there… Continue reading

Featured Artist: “Mixed Media Tutorial” by Thaneeya McArdle

As I was surfing the internet looking for the proper way to sharpen colored pencils (as I was apparently needing a refresher course) I ran across this great little tutorial at Thaneeya’s “Art… Continue reading

Art: “Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers” September theme is Furry Friends.

Furry Friends is the September theme for *Nibblefest on Ebay and here on my art blog as well. I’ve been cranking out furry art and will be trying to get them posted between… Continue reading

Art: ACEO “Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top?”

I’m calling this “Acerbic Monday” in honor of Joan Rivers. I’ve followed her for many years and one of my secret guilty pleasures in recent years was “Fashion Police.” She wasn’t afraid to… Continue reading

Art: “Lost Lamb Waiting Room”

  Poor little lamb… I was trying to get a picture of him when a gust of wind came along and blew him under the house through the boards on my deck. There… Continue reading

Art: A quickie “Five Dollar Bear”

He wanted a new home so badly but they hadn’t been able to sell him. One ear was lopsided and his head was a little misshapen. He looked like he was put together… Continue reading

Art: “What I learned” Sumi-e Instruction Class at Animefest, Dallas 2014

All the Anime and Comic conventions have so much to offer any kind of artist or creative. As I’ve mentioned before you will usually find instruction in art of some kind whether it’s… Continue reading

Art: “Forest Guardians” Mixed media painting

Just a fun, mixed media free for all work of art for this Monday morning. Frame-able area is (approximately) 5″ x 7.” You would just scooch the mat around to fit in whatever… Continue reading

“Create More” How to develop your own art style at “Illustration Friday” blog

Whether you’re an inky illustrator, a passionate painter, daring doodler, pro photographer or more finding that one of a kind style to be known for can sometimes seem a tad tricky to find.… Continue reading

Art: “Plumia, Forest Imp” August NFAC Ebay Auction, starting at .99 cents

This is my August Ebay #Nibblefest art entry and I drew my inspirations from my adventures at #Animefest 2014 Dallas. === My theme for my artwork on my blog this month is “Forest… Continue reading

2014 Animefest Convention, Dallas, Texas

You will all be glad to know that I didn’t take one “selfie” at the convention. I started to say “selfie of myself”  but then who else would I be taking a selfie… Continue reading

  • “Curious Daphne”

    SOLD- Thank you Lynne!

  • 9×12 painting “I’m Late”

    Mixed Media Collage

  • 5×7 Painting “Cindy Lou Who”

    All grown up!

  • 9 x 11 Painting “Mr. Owl & the Nightshift” on Ebay

    Mixed Media Painting/Collage

  • “Plumia”

    SOLD-Thank you Elaine!

  • ACEO “Cat Suit & Condo”

    SOLD-Thank you Gary!