Art: December NFAC “Altered Art book “ANGEL JOURNAL”

Angel Moon Journal. NFAC Nibblefest entry for December theme “Books.” Starting at .99 cents on Ebay. Auction runs the 20th through the 27th. Mixed media, collage, white lined pages for writing, drawing, doodling.… Continue reading

Art: “My Darling Pen Nell Opee” painting on gallery canvas

This would make a darling pair up with my other artwork called “Snow Bunny.” Painting continues on the sides so would look so cute on a shelf or a stand, or can put… Continue reading

Art: “Sometimes Training Is Necessary” Ink, markers on paper.

I live out in the country and my cat is outside about half of the time. My neighbor has a barn and Schitzy thinks she is a barn kitty. I don’t have much… Continue reading

Art: “I Wanna Be A Tree” painting on paper

See that snowman in the background? I’m his mom because I built him. I found some great branches for his arms. I love trees. I’m pretendin to be one. I think that snowman… Continue reading

Art: “Snow Bunny” painting on gallery wrapped canvas

If you aren’t lucky enough to be covered in fur then be sure and bundle up for the cold weather. Stylin in her cute winter coat with fuzzy buttons, mittens, striped leggings and… Continue reading

Featured Artist: Amanda Makepeace’s EBSQ “Airships” exhibit entry

Entry by Amanda Makepeace in the EBSQ online art community “Airships” exhibit. You can vote for this and the other entries with your Facebook “like” button HERE. Voting ends on Monday the 8th.… Continue reading

Sketchbook: Elfin Princess, work in progress…(-:

12/2/2014-Making progress.Here I’ve got more of an outline going on the cloak and have started a more detailed design on part of the hood and a little more shading and tone everywhere as… Continue reading

Art: ” The Grinch That Stole An Elf Suit” November Nibblefest, NFAC

This month’s theme is “Two or more creatures mixed together.” My name is Lance. Some people call me “Grinch” and I have heard others call me “Grumpy Cat” behind my back. They don’t… Continue reading

Art: Untitled, whimsical holidayish…sketch that will be an artwork

  A sweet girl, whimsical holiday house and a cute little snowman. I watched Hallmark Holiday and Christmas romance movies all weekend and started getting the bug to create something whimsical and holidayish.… Continue reading

Art: “The Last To Go” artwork and a poem

=== “Ode to the last flower…“ Summer ends, fall begins, and tonight will feel like winter. Leaves will fall, and fade to gray, oh how I wish the leaves could stay. Sweet little… Continue reading

Friends and inspiration-Painted Owl Handbag by Artist Cheryle Bannon

Lovely hand painted Owl bag by Cheryle Bannon. Done as a gift for a friend of hers.   Pretty paintings and artwork done with some of my favorite colors…you should check it out.… Continue reading

Dumb and Dumber Three “The nut does not fall far from the tree”

What a card! That’s my son Lance in the middle (in case you couldn’t guess). I think he definitely has Jim Carrey’s facial expression down on this one. If you have followed my… Continue reading

Art: “Kin to Jackalope” graphite, ink

Keeping with this month’s theme of “Two or more creatures mixed together” I have done a graphite and ink illustration of a Bunnylope. Not as well known as the cousin of their species… Continue reading

Art: “Grave Sitting”… Happy “All Hallows Eve”

My little creepy girl is a ghost that sits on her own grave, and doesn’t know she has passed. She has her droopy little stuffed dog that she was buried with and he… Continue reading

Art: “Bunny Cat” November’s theme is…

November’s Theme here on my art blog and on Nibblefest is: “Two or more creatures combined”   Yeah, I know it’s not November but since I kind of dropped the ball getting a… Continue reading

  • 5×7 “Bunnylope, Kin To Jackalope” on Ebay


  • 5×7 Painting “I Wanna Be A Tree” on Ebay

    Big Eye Art

  • 5×7 painting “Snow Bunny” on Ebay

    Gallery Canvas

  • “Curious Daphne”

    SOLD- Thank you Lynne!

  • “Beauty and the Beast”

    SOLD- thank you Pam!

  • “Plumia”

    SOLD-Thank you Elaine!